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Castle Rock Live!

Castle Rock Live!

Castle Rock didn’t stand a chance when Hannah and Acadia had a chat with Len and John from Castle Rock Critical.  They talked the season so far, thoughts on the finale and let the chat take over so the fans could ask their questions (and give some killer theories).  If you couldn’t watch live, this is the next best thing!

Oh and since I made this trailer you might as well watch it!  And then the show itself!

If you want to watch the show, here it is!

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  1. Sarge MacNeil

    You say Hannah, I say HUBBA. I watched this with the volume down and my cursor on the FFWD button. More please.

  2. Sarge MacNeil

    I’d also like to say that I’d “Select Her” to be my date to pretty much anything. Get it? SELECTOR? SelectHER?

  3. sandwich

    This was so great! I’m so looking forward to another one of these. I can’t even believe that was 2 hours…it went by so fast and SO many theories. Can’t wait for Wednesday!!

  4. Acadia Einstein

    in hindsight, I should have made my Mrs. Lacy poster bigger.

  5. Jackie torranCE

    Deciding to hop on this live chat was the best decision I’ve made while watching Castle Rock this season. Within two hours, I had gained several incredible new friends (Hi Acadia!) with which to discuss my love for Stephen King. Everyone in this chat—Acadia, Hannah, John, and Len—they’re incredible, hard working people, and their podcasts made watching Castle Rock this season even more amazing than what I thought it could be. I’m privileged to know these people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting this together, Acadia. Apologies for getting sappy on your website! 😂

    • Acadia Einstein

      That’s the nicest comment anyone ever left! *glares at all the other comments*


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