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Castle Rock Podcast Episode 2 – Habeas Corpus (Pt. 2)

Castle Rock Podcast Episode 2 – Habeas Corpus (Pt. 2)

Now that Hannah and I are filled up with brown bread from a can, we have the energy we need to bring you through the rest of Castle Rock episode 2: Habeas Corpus.  There was a lot in this episode and we gave it the time and attention it deserved.  This show requires some sleuthing!  Send feedback, to!

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  1. Andrew

    I’ve got this episode and the previous downloaded for the morning commute for when I finally get caught up on watching this show. So, shhhhhh, no spoilers peeps!

  2. Loretta Abbott

    Oh wow, I really gotta get Hulu again so I can get caught up on this companion series! Acadia is such a golden throated pitch man. He makes me and my Nana smile every time.


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