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Castle Rock Podcast – Episode 9 – “Henry Deaver” Deep Dive

Castle Rock Podcast – Episode 9 – “Henry Deaver” Deep Dive

The Castle Rock Historical Society returns for your listening pleasure with another Castle Rock deep dive – this time into the gripping events of Episode 9. Tenuous answers, questions and tenuous theories abound as Hannah and Acadia discuss the big Henry Deaver revelation.

Plus, this episode comes with an extra special announcement about the show’s final big recap before the series finale. You, our fabulous Castle Rockstars will be able to join your favorite Historical Society and the fabulous folks from Castle Rock Critical for a live YouTube recap and discussion of the show so far. So, be sure and tune in at WHATEVER TIME and bring your notebooks full of questions and theories with you.

As always, thanks for listening!

About The Author

Hannah Selector

Horror podcaster, writer and erstwhile teacher. I helm Undead Airlock, a horror genre podcast, and co-host The Castle Rock Historical Society podcast. I'll sleep when I'm dead.


  1. Andrew

    I feel like these are coming out faster than once a week. Either that or I’ve gotten dangerously far behind.

    • Acadia Einstein

      Technically since we do more than one episode a week you are right but you should still listen to them all!


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