As promised in the Castle Rock Historical Society’s second Archive Dive episode, I’ve scoured my notebooks and gathered together a list of unanswered questions that we at the Historical Society believe will be integral in solving the many mysteries of Castle Rock Season 1. You may even notice a few questions added that weren’t mentioned in the episode… your hosts are only human after all.

  1. Who is the EHS (likely Ewen High School from Carrie) student who was killed at work, as mentioned in one of the microfiche headlines Henry reviews?
  2. Who was Warden Lacy’s brother?
  3. What is the entity or force speaking to Lacy?
  4. Who are the bandaged parishioners in the pews of Molly’s church vision?
  5. How did these people die? (If indeed they are dead…)
  6. Why does Molly use a timer when looking through the items in her secret Henry box?
  7. What is on the tape dated 11/23/89 that young Henry burns?
  8. Does Henry actually exert some sort of control over Molly?
  9. If he does, is the act of controlling her actions voluntary or involuntary?
  10. Who or what broke into Molly’s house?
  11. What were the would-be burglars they trying to find?
  12. Does Molly know what the home invaders want from her?
  13. Who called the police on Molly at the trailer park?
  14. Did Molly ever interact with young Henry after he was returned?
  15. Have Henry and the Kid met before?
  16. Are Reverend Deaver and the completely bandaged priest the same person?
  17. Are all Church of the Incarnation members part of the suspected schisma cult?
  18. Does Pangborn know what the Reverend was doing with Henry in the woods?
  19. Where did Molly and her family attend church, if at all?
  20. Was Ruth awake when Reverend Deaver was killed?
  21. Is Henry’s abdomen scar significant somehow?
  22. What is in Lacy’s basement?
  23. What is the Kid’s true nature?
  24. Do Molly’s necklaces have a plot-relevant meaning?
  25. Was Reverend Deaver’s ghost/soul/essence/whatever haunting the Deaver house?
  26. If it was not the Reverand, who or what was the shadow that loomed over Henry while he slept in his childhood room?
  27. Has Reverand Deaver been resurrected somehow?
  28. How does Polly fit into the Pangborn-Ruth romance timeline?
  29. Did Henry’s parents lie about how long he had been missing in 1991?
  30. Where is Mrs. Lacy?
  31. Who was Pangborn really protecting when he pointed the finger at Desjardins?
  32. What is the Kid’s name?
  33. What is the “crazy story” that the Kid told Lacy when the Kid was first captured?
  34. Does the Kid directly cause or simply amplify evil and chaos?
  35. Where is the quarry that Lacy references?
  36. Where and how did young Henry get the white figurine?
  37. Who is the figurine a likeness of?
  38. Does it serve a schisma-related purpose?
  39. What was the “gunfire incident” that brought Pangborn back to Ruth to stay?
  40. When did Pangborn move in with Ruth?
  41. Why was Lacy pulled over the night he had the Kid in his trunk?
  42. Why was Pangborn able to trust him them, or at least why did he let him go?
  43. Is some agency, force or government body monitoring Castle Rock or the schisma?
  44. Are the Church of the Incarnation’s “wild investments” related to Reverand Deaver’s study of the schisma?
  45. What was Ruth’s distress settlement about?
  46. Who else makes up the “we” that Lacy refers to in his voiceovers about protecting Castle Rock?
  47. What role did Desjardins play during the events of twenty-seven years ago?
  48. What was the purpose of the box in Desjardins’ backyard?
  49. When did Reverand Deaver design The Filter?

Do you have any questions you think should be added to our lengthy list? Any that you think should be removed? Who is Fat Tony? Let us know in the comments below.

And, as always, thanks so much for listening!