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Castle Rock Season 1 Retrospective

Castle Rock Season 1 Retrospective

So long, farewell, auf widersehen, goodbye!

Not to you amazing Castle Rockstars, of course! Just season 1 of Castle Rock. Join Acadia and Hannah as they try to slap a neat bow on a season that continually denies a neat wrap up. Plus, catch up on the last of the season 1 mail bag and here announcements about all the fun CRHS things to come!

And, as always, thanks for listening!

About The Author

Hannah Selector

Horror podcaster, writer and erstwhile teacher. I helm Undead Airlock, a horror genre podcast, and co-host The Castle Rock Historical Society podcast. I'll sleep when I'm dead.


  1. Acadia Einstein

    For reals this is a good show. I know. I am on it….

  2. NoEl

    Can’t get enough of this show! Already chomping at the bits for next season. Y’all did an awesome job recapping and breaking down this season, can’t wait for what’s in store soon!

  3. Jackie Torrance

    Okay, the main point is this: if you’re watching Castle Rock and you AREN’T listening to this show, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Hannah and Acadia work together super well and it makes for a funny and insightful podcast that dives deep into the things that makes Castle Rock tick. Go listen to this show!!

  4. Sandwich

    I need more of Castle Rock…this show is SOOOO good!

  5. the maine man

    This was an amazing show and I cannot wait to see what comes about in the next season. There are so many references and ties between everything that even as a Stephen King fan I had my difficulties with keeping up.


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