New Spider Man Trailer gives me mixed feelings

First let’s watch the trailer. Now here are my thoughts. I like the actor playing Spidey.  I like Donald Glover.  I like Michael Keaton.  I like the idea of the neighborhood Spider Man and the bits with Peter Parker catching bike thieves and dealing with school are great. But I HATE the Tony Stark stuff….

RIP Lisa Spoonauer, aka Caitlin Bree (and Why I Care So Much)

While everyone worldwide was mourning the death of Roger Moore, a smaller subset of Gen-Xers were mourning a loss just as profound for us. The name Lisa Spoonauer might not mean much to 99% of the population, but for those that knew her at Caitlin Bree, she was an important part of our growing up….

Not All Sea Lions

One minute you’re sitting on the pier just trying to rest. The next you’re pulled into the water by a sea lion. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Bow before Cher

The Billboard Music Awards were last night.  I always thought those were weird because it is like the Neilsen ratings having awards.  They ARE awards, you know?  But they did give Cher an Icon award, which is cool because I love Cher.  She doesn’t have an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) but she has has a…

Step Right Up!

Step right up for your chance to purchase some fabulous items at low, low prices from a real Gallery staff member!

Here’s another way to make me barf: ankle injuries. 

So I’m watching the San Antonio / Golden State game and in the 3rd quarter, San Antonio star Kawhi Leonard turned his ankle not once but twice and had to come out of the game.  Now, the story most people will be talking about is how the Warriors came back from 20+ points down to…

If I were a Reporter

OK so by now everyone knows that Trump fired FBI Director Comey.  And I am PRETTY sure that everyone knows that the reason they gave (Comey was mean to Hillary Clinton) is sort of bogus considering that Trump was super jazzed that Comey sent that letter near the end of the campaign.  Now, Hillary says…