Monday Greetings from Superficial Gallery

Kids, as you’ve probably heard, Acadia is out of town this week, so the rest of the crew will be holding down the fort with the usual random assortment of crap quality content you’ve come to expect from Superficial Gallery.  In between us making up stuff to write about, feel free to check out the back…

Down for Site Maintenance

Pardon our dust while we neaten things up around the gallery today, kids – an activity that I’m assuming looks something like this over at Chez Acadia:

Gallery Closed! SNOW!

We’re getting nine inches, today. Heh. Our TV snowmen look like they just got nine inches.  Look at their surprised faces.  Poor little guys.  I will update this with weather related items as warranted.  GODSPEED, CHARLOTTE!

*Hires Eva Halloween for Ad Agency*

I’m sure you are all familiar with Fiverr and if you aren’t then you need to go spend like 14 hours there immediately.  It is a cornucopia of doofuses willing to do amazing things for five bucks.  Not those kinds of things, mind you.  Silly stuff, mostly. But there are a lot that are “marketing” focused. …

Taking the Weekend Off

I have to do a bunch of crap I don’t want to do this weekend.  So the site is closed.  Well, unless Princess Peach, Eva Halloween, Cornmeal or Sangfroid write something.  I guess I will find out when I get to look at a computer again.  Oh, and if you live in Charlotte and you have a…