New Star Wars Rogue One Video will make you Cry

 Seriously does it really matter what this is for or what the Hell a Phillipines phone company had to do to get the domain name?  ust watch the video, cry, show it to someone else, then move on with your life. We’re all gonna go see it anyway.

New Wonder Woman Trailer – The Hero Women Deserve

The new Wonder Woman trailer gives me a lot of hope that the movie is going to represent the hero the way she is meant to be represented.  In DC comics, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman represent their “trinity”.  The three most important heroes they have.  Wonder Woman is the most powerful of the three….

Tactical Batsuit Pic Shared by Zack Snyder

The eyes look like Nite-Owl from Watchmen.  I wonder if Zack had them left over. Homestretch. Last day filming Batman in the new Tactical Batsuit.#JusticeLeague #Batman — ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) September 14, 2016 Thoughts?

Gene Wilder Died – Sigh

Gene Wilder, actor and widower of the late Gilda Radner, died today at the age of 83.  Wilder was a huge star in the 70s.  And my friends and I would get ourselves out of arguments we couldn’t win by yelling: “YOU STOLE FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS!” and would do the “wait, stop, come back” thing…

Justice league Dark and why it Matters to DC

So it looks like Justice League Dark is one step closer to being real since they announced that Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity among other movies I don’t know anything about and producer on a bunch of the subsequent Bourne movies, is ditching the Marvel Gambit property (sorry, C-Tates!) and directing the on…

Suicide Squad Review – With Spoilers

TL; DR = Go see Suicide Squad.  I think you will like it.  I did.  Never mind what the critics say. So I have been excited to see Suicide Squad for a really long time, and I took this week off and was psyched that seeing the movie would be a part of my vacation. …

Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman

We recruited the illustrious James Olchak to write a serious movie review for us and bonus – he’s combined two reviews into one! Please take out all of your anger and/or swoon-y heart-eyes on James, I’m just the chump who’s cutting and pasting his work. – Cider Hello, everyone. I’m James, but you can call…