Anyone can look good in a Santa Hat.  I realize that, now.  Before I decided to pick celebrities, I thought of a lot of other things that might wear Santa Hats.  And while some were tempting I had to go with the celebrities.  Also, this was another example of why Google Image Search doesn’t really work.  What possible search containing the word Santa Hat would yield a first page result of Ron Jeremy NOT wearing a Santa Hat.

So – here is the duck that didn’t make it.

I might not be in the gallery but I'm in the post! -- Santa Duck

I might not be in the gallery but I’m in the post! — Santa Duck

And here are the things I learned in the process of this post:

  • I should have done a celebs in Yarmulkes for Hanukkah.
  • I think Taylor Swift is hot now.
  • Snoop Dog could wear every outfit Benny Hill ever wore, at the same time, and still look cool.

Damn you, Taylor Swift!