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Chainsaw Maid – the best claymation video ever?


What's clay?

Ian Gallery author and Batcave denizen said this was the best claymation video ever.  Is it?  I am not in a position to judge for myself, as I am not allowed to watch it.  Claymation is against my religion.  What?  Yeah, I didn’t think you’d say anything.  You bigot.

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  1. Acadia

    I so wish I could watch it.

  2. vange

    FINALLY!! A religion I can support!

    Claymation is the creepiest shit ever.

  3. vettech

    Claymation in general terrifies me. I didn’t even like the little clay man that used to tell us to go to the concession stand at the movies.

    I watched this because SOMEONE had to … its wonderfully awful, creepy as hell, gross yet funny and like an SNL skit could have been shorter 🙂

  4. Joelle

    I couldn’t get past the two chicks chicks up top and their awful awful implants.

  5. Ian

    I personally think it was truly clever and well made.


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