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Charlotte McKinney Got Drunk

Charlotte McKinney Got Drunk

Charlotte McKinney got drunk and someone took a bunch of pictures of her.  Seems sort of mean to me since she is obviously hammered and not at her modelly best.  Then I saw a bunch of other people in the background and it got me thinking.  Do they have to sign off on being in pictures?  Because if they don’t have to approve it, then how do the photographers get to sell them?  That doesn’t seem fair.

There are picture lawyer trolls out there who send out scary letters to people saying they are going to sue them for a bazillion dollars for “theft”.  Thing is that anyone who gets enough traffic to profit off of stolen pics can afford to buy them. So can shell out their millions getting all the pics and I can then draw on them and they become art.  ART.  Or something.  Actually, in this post they are the identifying characteristics of the people in the pics so we can track them down and get them their money!

Please don’t sue me.  I love Charlotte McKinney.  I can’t help it.  🙁

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