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Charlotte McKinney must Know we Exist

Charlotte McKinney must Know we Exist


  • Charlotte McKinney in a Bikini?  Check.
  • Charlotte McKinney with Bare Feet?  Check
  • Charlotte McKinney with her Tongue out?  Check.

A while ago, we got the gallery Trifecta from Leann Rimes.  But the lizard has now been supplanted by Charlotte McKinney.  Obviously the steady campaign to get her exposure and convince her  to be our spokesmodel seems to be working.  She gave us what might be the perfect picture the Gallery could have ever asked for.  Now only if she could do a column once a week.  Or at least have her picture taken once a week so I can post them.

What?  She does?  OK – carry on then.  You’re doing a great job, Charlotte.

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    Well if everybody is watching, it is hard not to display. I think she is appreciating the pleasures of narcissism that challenges us.

  2. Cider

    It’s a pet peeve of mine when women, no matter how much the world likes their boobs, wear bikinis like this, where the top is basically just a nipple cover. I’m just saying, it’s not actually that fun to try to walk around constantly tucking your boobs in. Just get a bigger top and actually put the bottom under the girls, Charlotte. People will still see 87% of your boobs, I promise.

    But on that note, she can do what she wants. I just personally don’t get it. It makes me want to fix it for her. But carry on, girl. You do you.


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