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Charlotte McKinney Sunday – Her Best Buddies Campiagn

Charlotte McKinney Sunday – Her Best Buddies Campiagn

So everyone knows how much we love Charlotte here at the Gallery, and now she needs our help.  She is shooting to raise some money for the Best Buddies charity that she is involved in.  She went to a Best Buddies prom as a surprise and got showed up by the swanky couple she danced and took pics with (as seen in the banner pic).

So anyway she wants to raise some money for Best Buddies. Which is: “the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).”  And to do it she put up a Tweet:

So she has a bazillion Instagram followers but this was on her Twitter so I happened to see the tweet (no an alarm didn’t go off in my house!) and clicked the link.  No activity yet.  So I saved the link from the page because I wanted to write about it today and when I checked there STILL wasn’t anything on it.

Now, I have been running this site for a long time and if anyone knows what it’s like to have something flop it’s me.  But her thing is for charity and a good one at that.  So I broke the ice for people.

So I will share this with the hashtags #bestbuddies and #helpcharlotte and I hope it does something.  Maybe she will pledge $5.00 a month to our patreon! Or let us interview her.  Or like she said, give us a shout out on Twitter.  Who knows.  But it is for a good cause so whatever.  #helpcharlotte #bestbuddies

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