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Charlotte McKinney Sunday – Car Stuff

Charlotte McKinney Sunday – Car Stuff

The banner pic is now my favorite pic of someone with Charlotte McKinney.  I feel like I would make that face if I were with her.  All the time.  Even when eating.  So here are the links for all the Charlotte Pics I got this week, and below is the gallery of her Maxim shoot.  You do NOT want to miss that.  Or I guess you could subscribe to the UK Daily Mail since she seems to be all they cover.  Seriously – I think the ONLY links I got this week were from there.  It’s like they hired Peter Parker to follow her around.

Charlotte Quote of the week:

I drink a lot of vodka and water, keep it really simple, and then I drink a lot of red wine,’ she said, quipping that ‘I’m a big wino.

Charlotte McKinney Ferrari Shoot

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