Charlotte-McKinney-Mexican-GQ-0001Last night Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders squared off in a big debate for the Democratic nomination.  And while I don’t pay a ton of attention to polls, it seems like if things in the USA were going well, Charlotte McKinney would not have to go to Mexico to find a job. But here she is, the poor thing, having to get mostly naked and do some American-style modeling for the Mexican version of GQ.

You can see her support for Bernie’s desire to break up the big banks in the pic where she is naked except for a fan.  But she seems to be embracing Hillary’s argument that she (Hillary) is the one Democrat who would be considered “electable” by squatting naked and somehow hiding her giant boobs with her skinny arms.

You probably just see a young model who is cashing in on the fact that Mexico probably doesn’t have many of its own magazines (though I have heard that Cheap Oxy Monthly is good) by flaunting her American…ness in the faces of all the douchey Mexican dudes who read GQ.   FFS, “Gentleman’s Quarterly” in Spanish is “trimestral de caballero” so the mag should be named T de C.  Well, maybe not.  I watched El Sabado Gigante every week even though I didn’t understand a word they said and I never wanted it to be called “The Big Saturday”.

Holy crap.  We should have a show in America called The Big Saturday which has an older dude as host (me) and a bunch of chicks jumping up and down and maybe it’s some kind of game show?  Or Charlotte can be the host and I will be the guy that just sits at home and watches it.  Or just have a show where Charlotte asks people who they are going to vote for but never asks them why.  That would be GOLD!  Now click those pics and remember who is the queen of you.