Christal VanEtten is a I am a rookie to the Gallery WIHM event. She is a Writer.

What motivates you to do what you do?

The horror community is truly where I feel most at home. I know a lot of people share that same feeling so I’m motivated by that and want to nurture our existing community by showing support for those who make it what it is through writing!

Who is your favorite woman who does what you do?

Ariel Fisher, EIC of Shudder’s The Bite, is an inspiration and I look up to her as a writer. She is one of the most empathetic individuals I know which is a trait I feel is uncommon these days.

If you had one wish for women in your space in 2020, what would it be?

In my network of friends and colleagues, I’m happy and blessed to see so many women writers flourishing but I know that’s not widespread and there’s a long way to go. Women in horror have made significant strides over the years, but there’s more growth to be had as far as diversity in voices goes. The same thing can be said for the filmmaking space.

Share a practical tip for a woman who wants to do what you do.

Never stop learning and seeking growth. If you’re too comfortable, there’s room for expansion.

Inspire someone who is not where they want to be in the industry yet.

It took me years of thinking about whether or not I should go for the thing (my dream). If you’re doubting yourself and constantly wondering “what if”, know that others have been in your shoes and it is up to you to go for it. Swing away. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

What scares you?

Natural disasters scare me more than horror movies do. I grew up in Japan where earthquakes were plenty and the potential of tsunamis terrified me constantly.

What projects do you have coming up?

FredHeads the Documentary is currently in post-production! Other than that, The Superghoul sponsors Friday Night Frights – Tacoma and I’m currently growing the contributor team for the site.

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