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Women in Horror Spotlight – Christy Meaux

Women in Horror Spotlight – Christy Meaux

Hey y’all, it’s Jackie Torrance! Since the rest of the SG crew is at WIHFF right now and Acadia won’t just let me sit around and do nothing, here I am to tell you about a new friend of the Gallery that was discovered at WIHFF!

Christy Meaux is a Louisiana based artist who creates everything from one of a kind paintings of iconic figures (think the SNL Church Lady and Marla Singer from Fight Club), to stylish clothing, to horror inspired dioramas. Her work is influenced by the unusual and surreal, inspiration that always results in something completely original.

When you see Christy’s incredible art, you might wonder (as I did) how she got into making art in the first place. Christy says that she was always into making things and being creative, but it was her grandmother, a painter, who really got her into art, teaching her to paint with oils and different brushes as she grew up.

Christy is currently at WIHFF promoting her unique mixed media dioramas and jewelry. To follow Christy on social media, you can visit her Instagram at @thechristymeaux, and @dizzydreamerart on Twitter. To browse and purchase her art, you can visit her Etsy shop at

About The Author

Jackie Torrance

Jackie Torrance grew up in the cornfields of the American Midwest near Gatlin, Nebraska. She was a small, strange child with an affinity for playing near the sewers and setting things on fire. However, as she aged, the plainness and quiet of the Midwest failed to satisfy Jackie's growing yearning for adventure, and on the night of her senior prom, she stole her boyfriend's vintage 1958 Plymouth Fury, and headed out west to Colorado. There she spent several weeks hiking in the mountains and writing a novel whilst staying at the Overlook Hotel. Upon the completion of said novel, she restarted her roadtrip and drove east until she reached Maine. After living a few years in the town of Derry working as a librarian, she relocated to Castle Rock, where she is currently employed as a reporter for the Daily Call. In all seriousness, I'm a Midwestern girl in her senior year of college to get a major in film studies and a minor in screenwriting. I enjoy reading books, listening to classic rock, writing, and drinking whiskey. The only thing true about the above bio is that there's a cornfield across from my house.


  1. Mells Bells

    Nice work Christy! I love special fx and all things movie art!

  2. andrew

    I really dug her key necklaces. Her pieces were all really unique and had that nice horror feel. Also, I super signed that head.


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