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31 Scary Things – #19 – Clowns


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  1. VetTech

    That’s what made the Baby Boomers so f–ked up y’know, being plunked down in front of the TV everyday to watch Bozo the Clown. It’s true…I swear.

  2. vange

    What’s a Pennywise?

  3. VetTech

    @ Vange:

    Pennywise was the evil demon dressed like a clown from the Stephen King book “It”. There was a TV movie too, Tim Curry played Pennywise.

  4. amos

    ok I looked up gacy after seeing this bc I didn’t know about it…and omg.

    also, you forgot the Jokerrrrrr but oh well.

    I’m not scared of clowns, but I totally believe that people’s fear of clowns stems from watching Bozo the Clown show like Vet says. That’s messed up.

  5. vange

    I know nothing of any of these clowns; maybe that’s why I’m not afeared of them.

  6. amos

    Pennywise is from Stephen King’s IT!!! if you haven’t seen it, rent it or netflix it asap.
    It’s funny & creepy & it has John Ritter and Seth Green in it.

  7. vange

    Steven King and I are not friendly. I like his editorials and interviews and such but his writing…not so much.

  8. captain america

    ……….I KNOW, folks.
    donald trump indeed is scary!!

  9. Kyle Dockery

    I used to be a clown, at a haunted house back in Michigan. I was also terrified of clown up until that point. Personally, I’d put clowns at number 1…

  10. Nicole Ireland

    Ok, seriously. How can you have a clown video and not include a picture from Attack of the Killer Clowns. That movie scared the bajeezus out of me as a kid. There’s something VERY scary about being covered in a cotton candy-like cocoon.

    • Nicole Ireland

      See, it scared me so much I can’t even get the name right. The correct name is Killer Clowns From Outer Space.

      • Kyle Dockery

        That movie is the reason I can’t eat cotton candy anymore. I go to carnivals and I’m always sad.

  11. Octo-Dolls

    LOLz – I think we are sharing the same wave-length today. We must be operating on the same frequency or something. We did scary clowns on our blog today too.

  12. Acadia

    I love clowns and regret that movie!


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