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College Football: It’s On spirit spirit

So, today kicks off college football season. Sure, there was a game the other night, but they played it on a blue field and there was a sucker punch involved. Pffffft. Today is the day.

Top Games with 12 Noon kick off:

Navy v. #6 Ohio State
#9Penn State v. Akron

OK, so, PSU should roll and the rest of the games at Noon aside from that OSU-Navy tilt are going to be one sided early season affairs. Like, Liberty and West Virginia are playing at Noon. WVU 73 – 3 I’m going with on a score for that one.

Anyway, the point of this post is to alert you folks that we’re going to try and get some action going in the comments for the start of college football season. If you’re watching the action, feel free to post in the comments. I’ll be doing so…and, uh, I hope I won’t be alone, but, likely will be.

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  1. Acadia

    If Navy wins it means that Federal Power > State’s Rights. Which means that the public option will become law. There is a lot riding on this game.

  2. Maitland

    take that nonsense to the current affairs forum.

    If Navy means it means that we will all laugh at Ohio State and that is > than any politics, state sovereignty or healthcare.

  3. Maitland

    Good to see Navy hanging around with Ohio State, but, it looks like they just turned it over. Could crush them if Ohio State takes it in to score here.

  4. Maitland

    Well, Navy managed to get down by 15, then get back into the game…and fuck it up.

    Down 29-27, going for the 2 point conversion, why go three wide receivers and drop back and pass when you’ve been running all over them with crazy full back runs and other options?

  5. Clara

    Who cares about Navy. OSU is always a powerhouse. Let’s hope they keep it together for the end of the season so they can beat Michigan. Speaking of Michigan, they are currently slaughtering Western Michigan. But I’m happy because Michigan State won today! Go Green!

  6. Maitland

    Who cares about Navy? Well, probably not most college football fans, but, if they had beaten Ohio State it would have been a huge story.

  7. Clara

    Yes, you’re right. It would have been big news to see OSU stumble. But I don’t expect to see it happen. And it looks like Michigan is going to be back to something closer to what they were under Lloyd Carr. It should be an exciting year in the Big Ten.


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