This is his FIRST POST and he made a pastie/patsie joke. Paddy Festus is a WINNER! --Acadia

The first week of college football is all about the big schools crushing the little guys. It has become a tradition to have a first week patsy to make the big football programs feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is not news worth reporting and kind of boring to watch. Case in point.

My team is the Volunteers of the University of Tennessee. I spent the middle 80’s drinking Long Island Iced Teas and baking in the sun watching the Big Orange play football. Great, big Division I school and the first week opponent is University of Tennessee Martin. I have been there, UTM is a small school, so small in fact some high schools have bigger stadiums and football programs. Naturally, The Vols smoke the Skyhawks 50-0 and walk around clapping each other on the back on a successful start to the season.

Other notable pasties, er patsies of the week. Alabama(1) over San Jose St 48-3. Oregon(11) over New Mexico 72-0. Florida(4) over Miami(OH) 34-12. I have to give credit to LSU(21) and North Carolina(18) with LSU winning 30-24, at least it was two ranked teams in the first week and a close game.

The real season starts this coming week. That is when the big houses will have to show up. As to the little guys who got pasted? Well they get a chance to play in the big house, get some press, and probably get a few extra dollars for their trouble. Hey its tradition right, and college football is all about tradition.

Personally, they should have had the cheerleaders play, that would have been more entertaining.  See why and see a sweet Tennessee video after the jump!

This is why they should let the cheerleaders play.