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As part of our 2013 community outreach program we are going to be recognizing the people who make the effort to actually talk back to the Internet.  And probably sling some prizes around, too.  We fancy authors cannot impress upon you enough the fact that comments are literally the only pay we get.  I certainly don’t pay anyone *lights cigar with Rolls Royce* so it is really up to you.

How do you get to be the Comment of the Week?  Well, it isn’t as easy as being the last person who commented before I write the weekly post.  I’m lazy but not that lazy.  I guess you can be funnier than the post itself.  That should be pretty easy.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.   Oh, and the first winner is:

Stacy Frazer: Suck my small things!!

So there you go.  That should let you know where the bar is set.  No prize this week (I’m cheap) but I will be keeping track of who wins when.  Maybe one prize a month?  I don’t know.  Just keep talking and we will all find out together.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. arn213

    My topic has to do with Javascript errors, a WordPress plug-in that I like and was using till the latest WordPress upgrade which broke the manual scan that this plug-in did. Even though as I understand it Javascript errors can be a browser problem, but more likely it is bad coding. Yet I have been told that these errors are somehow my problem

    • Acadia

      Technically right now you are winning.

  2. jen Li

    Meatloaf..baked potato. It’s happening all over again!

  3. angie potter

    I want the shoes in the pic above. And the candy cane knickers.

    • Acadia

      They are available in the store for a high markup.

  4. Dan Brill

    I see my comments on Icelandic fiscal policy have, yet again, been ignored by the academy.

    • Acadia

      You are too controversial!


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