In an effort to remain consistent for seven whole days, welcome to the latest installment of Comment of the Week!  The competition was fierce* and there were some pretty good contenders.

  • Jen Li gave us (from last week’s Comment of the Week ) “Meatloaf..baked potato. It’s happening all over again!”
  • Dan Brill almost won with “I taught myself to read as I emerged from the womb and introduced the word “the” to the world.” on the Isaac Asimov post.
  • Ami B. Made me snort in the same post with: “He looks like an elderly, hairy Ewan McGregor in that picture.”

But the winner came from Bikini Sunday – Aurora Robles

It’s Mexican magic!

–Alex W.

I don’t even know the context of the comment.  I was going to go check but it was funny on its own so I decided to not ruin it.  Congrats, Alex.  You have won nothing.  But your name goes in this hat.  So that’s something!

*It was not really very fierce