I was gone all week so when I came back I printed out all the comments and read them.  I’m a big shot and can afford to waste paper and ink.  Speaking of wasting paper and ink, here are some comments that came close!

  • Catswiththumbs from the circus post “The circus is just a mobile dimwit vortex. Everyone visiting the circus looks like a 2:00AM Walmart customer – one eye, hairlip, has one of those shoes with the giant brick thing on the bottom . . . a black hole for the genetically unfortunate.”
  • And Eva Halloween squeezed out a good one on the same post.  Mom jokes never get old!  “Well yeah, but your mom came so highly recommended on Yelp.”

But, it turns out the best comment of the week came from PelvicBoogie from last week’s “This week in history

He looks like Wolverine, if you sucked all the coolmantium out of his body.

See you next week!