I was gone all week and now I have some kind of terrible illness and ate some zinc and every time I cough I die.  And if I actually die then I guess I will leave the site to whoever the funniest commenter is.  That seems like a good punishment.  THINGS JUST GOT REAL!   *coughs feebly, cries*

Third Place goes to elssar in the Jessica Biel Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gif post.

“Seriously I don’t know what I’m going to do with 100 something gifs of Jessica Biel in her underwear.”

Hey, what happened to your arm? You sprain it or something?
Second place is all Eva Halloween on Today in History
“Suck the hairspray out of Donald Trump’s sweaty comb-over” was already taken.
But the winner this week becomes our FIRST EVER REPEAT!  From the Batman Products post.
You can call it a Batplug, but it still goes in your butt.
Stacy Frazer
So congratulations, Stacy!  She has really amped up the funny this week.  You should go see her food site: Thai One On.  It’s not funny, but food is not a clowning matter.  Unless she is cooking clown fish with those marshmallow circus peanuts.  Let’s all go over there and tell her to cook us up some CF and CP.  That’ll fix her.  All smug with her pots and stoves and vegetables…