Pretty good week.  Especially considering that I found out I might be losing my most loyal team…guy.  DON’T GO, CORNY!  Oh, and since it’s caturday (just like every week when I do COTW) I decided I would do some cat related award every week.  This week is the “Best Book Cover with a Giant Cat On It”  The Meek, by Brad Poynter.


That’s a big cat. No joke.

I hope I can come up with a good category for next week.  Heh.  Category.  Anyway, here are the best of the week.

Number Three:  Elssar on I Solved the Immigration Problem “What this plan will do is gather the criminals of two countries together, and give them the space to create a new nation for themselves. A New Australia, of North America”

Number Two:  From last week’s “Comment of the Week” superman Brendan O’donnell gave us:

Lovely Web site. I bet that the female boss
is so Sexy & Breathtakingly gorgous that
Acadia won’t even post a profile photograh
of herself. Due to begining a global web
Internet Satalite Computer
Hey !!! Bro’s & Babes

BrendanKoji O’Donnell
I am still trying to post this Madly Amazing
Web Site on my FaceBook page 4 youse !!!

But the all time winner of the week isssssss.

Robert Plant had a huge bulge that everyone wanted to touch, not saggy drawers down to his knees.

Filthy thing.