Hey remember last week when we didn’t do comment of the week?  You didn’t?  Yeah well, now you’re gonna be sorry.  Cause we went back TWO weeks and this time the winner gets a prize.  A real prize.  Not the fake kind where you are supposed to feel good about yourself for trying or some other crap like that.

A Box of Girl Scout Cookies.  Ohhh yeah.  That’s like a forty dollar value or something.

So yep.  PelvicBoogie won for his comment on Kirsten Dunst now has a Free Pass. Forever.

F’ing brilliant. It was like some wonderfully advanced technology beamed it directly into my wank bank.

So Boogie, if you want your cookies – contact us in the cave or through the contact form.  We will give out cookies as prizes until the cookies are gone.  And we have a shit ton of cookies.  So this is a good chance for those of you who are not allowed near kids to get some.  Try harder this week!  Good luck!