This week’s cat thing is this!


Best Cat Tube Around the Top of Your Wall Thing of the Week!

As for comments?  We have Angela Mia on Friday Nineties in third place with one of the longest comments ever (size matters)

“…like going bareback in a crack house with someone you can’t see under a blanket.” Oh my! Definitely sounds like you are speaking from experience there!

Funny that you insist on using the word “boner,” though. I never did understand that. I mean, there are no bones in the penis. At least not in human ones.


he he

Anyway…. you forgot to mention these great tunes:

The Gym Class Locker Room Blues
I Swear, I Just Have to Pee from the album Slumber Party Wake-Up Call

Or my all-time fave, I Don’t Want You, Doctor (But That Glove Sure Feels Nice)

[Note to Self: Find a new crack house]

In second place we have Cornmeal on the Today in History with Eva Halloween: Carnival post.  Why?  Because even though he works here he rarely comments so whenever he does it is a big deal.  His pearl of wisdom?


Tough competition indeed.  But the winner this week was…..

There was a guy in a van with a puppy when I was in 4th grade that tried to get me to try out for Fuzz Stick. I ran home. Looks like I missed my big chance. :-(

Dan Brill – You Should Watch This – Face Off

And to make sure things stay random, Dan will be receiving a $10.00 gift certificate from Amazon.  Good job!