Now that the election is (or isn’t, I heard Romney won’t quit) over I guess it is time for people to start crying that Obama is a Communist or whatever and we can start guessing whether or not Hillary will run against Chris Christie in 2016.  But for now we can think about all the problems that we have to tackle over the next four years and how to fix them.  Well, my way to fix them.

  • Get China to start a war with Russia like in that Tom Clancy book and then we get rich selling them missiles and canteens and whatnot.
  • Since the Dems want to raise taxes for everyone who makes 250k and over because they are rich then that means that everyone who makes less than that is not.  Which means they might need Social Security.  So raise the cap for SSI deductions to 250k.  Then everyone can STFU about Social Security since it will have lots of dough.
  • Everyone sneak into Canada to go to the doctor, then sneak into Mexico to go to the pharmacy.
  • Change the electoral college (A) so that when they get to the place where they have to vote they either play Red Rover or have an actual fight.
  • Change the electoral college (B) to make it so the popular vote matters.  If for no other reason then that it would ensure that lots more crazy third party candidates to ruin it for someone.
  • Make the border between Mexico and the US a prison.  Like, it could be the prison for all of America AND Mexico.  And anyone who hopped the fence would then be IN the prison.  S-M-A-R-T
  • Make it illegal to call a something that is ONLY a website a “News Source”.  And I am including the Huffington Post.  In case you wonder why I say that it is because I am a website.  I don’t want any of you fools thinking this is news.

That’s not news.  It’s gossip!  So think about my plans and support me in my candidacy for 2016.  And donate to me.  Use PayPal.  Technically since I am the only one who has declared for 2016 I AM WINNING!!!