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Congress is Full of Idiots

Congress is Full of Idiots

Listen everybody, there is this thing out there that people keep debating as if it is in question: Climate Change. Yes, that’s the same thing as Global Warming. It was renamed to stop confusing all you stupid idiots who think that if there is something called “Global Warming” happening then there can’t be cold days ever, or snow. If you really think this, then stop reading, close your browser, and go back to reading about how Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs. You’re all done here.

Otherwise, please see this.

Around 3:16 this gets to the stuff I’m most interested in. An actual scientist showed up at Congress and tried to explain science to the buffoons we have all elected to make decisions for us.  Really, please just watch it. And then, if your brain hasn’t melted, come back and leave a comment below.  Can you believe the explanation of ice cubes melting? I mean… I kind of can’t. This is the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

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  1. Bryan Headrick

    maybe they’re just pretending to be idiots because that’s who they represent. either way, we’re doomed

    • Cider

      Valid possibility. It is disheartening how apathetic, willfully ignorant, and just plain stupid an “average” American is. SIGH.


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