Today on the podcast, we have the full interview with Evan Sayet. He is a conservative comedian and author of the book, KinderGarden of Eden:How The Modern Liberal Thinks. His book is available from Amazon. The interview with Sayet is in the podcast player above, previous episodes of The Allegedly On The Issues Podcast, available every Monday morning, are in the podcast player at the bottom of this post.

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This was certainly a fun and interesting interview discussing a lot of different topics during the hour we spoke with Mr. Sayet. We thank him for his time, and we hope that you enjoy the interview.

Topics Covered During This Interview:

We open the interview with Evan Sayet by discussing the current landscape of the Presidential Campaign. (2:39)

Did he see Trump’s Presidential Campaign Doing this well? (6:12)This is the first time I’ve seen a Jack Bauer interrogation metaphor used to describe Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

Sayet gives his thoughts on John Boehner’s “Lucifer in the Flesh” comments on Ted Cruz from last week(8:44)

Why is John Kasich still in the race? (10:07)

How is Hillary Clinton keeping Bernie Sanders in this race and allowing him to be so close in the delegate count? (11:01)

What issues from the Democratic Campaigns aggravate Sayet the most? (12:08)

Black Lives Matter (20:00)

How the left uses points that sound morally right to cover up their true agenda. (21:40)

Free College as a Campaign Issue in the Current Cycle and the elimination of a standard of earning things (23:05)

Your minimum wage job wasn’t meant to be your career. Sayet gives his take on the current minimum wage increase debate.(25:36)

Evan Sayet’s experience as the Voice of Black America writing for the Arsenio Hall Show and then writing for one of the most left leaning shows on television, Political Incorrect with Bill Maher.(31:05)

How the Modern Liberal has stayed in Kindergarten and how this affects their mindset, including the effects on policy. (39:53)

Evan Sayet talks about the state of college campus students dealing with safe spaces, trigger warnings and get lit when they read TRUMP written in chalk. Sayet refers to the college campus as, “cleverness in the design of making us all stupid.” And, this leads into a discussion about Curt Schilling, and the state of free speech at Trump rallies and in throughout society(44:01)

Should Trump take heat for encouraging violence at his rallies(48:06)

“Nobody Grows Up to Become a Liberal” (51:14)

Evan Sayet talks about his “Adopt-A-Democrat” philosophy. Take a Democrat under your wing, over the course of time, because “it’s like raising a child,” to smack Democrats down at the right moment and provide them with the truth and the facts. Because, “the first time you think, is the last time you’re a Democrat” (53:10)