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Cool Picture – Teddy Roosevelt Watches Lincoln’s Funeral

The picture above was taken in New York City.  It’s the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln.  If you don’t know what a big deal the procession was look it up.  It went all over the east coast and it was a big deal.  But the cool part of this is that Teddy Roosevelt is in the pic.  He’s in that window in the upper lift.  He was a little kid, practically a baby.  What are the odds that in an age when there were only 11 cameras and it took 45 minutes to take a picture (these are facts, don’t look them up) that they would catch two presidents a literal lifetime apart.

It’s like the time I photo bombed Pope John Paul II.  You know how hard it was to get in that coffin?  The things I do for art.

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  1. Nobilis Reed

    One of the little droplets of blood from Kennedy’s brain flew into my mom’s mouth when she was pregnant with me. I could have presidential molecules in me!


    Too soon?

  2. Wiffleball112

    I just googled your “facts” you were wrong.. (don’t google that)

  3. Rog

    This is actually documented? That’s pretty amazing.

    Oh look at that, I hovered over “picture” for a second, hoping it was going to be some historical perspective, but it was just one of those annoying Bing things. Ah well, cool pic, and actually makes me wonder if you have some depth to you, Acadia…

  4. Jennyjinx

    I refuse to look up the facts to verify you’re not pulling my leg. I like the idea of this picture. Pretty freaking awesome.

  5. James DiGiovanni

    Regarding that photo. It is true that is Theodore Roosevelt in the window as a 6-year old boy. There are varying accounts as to whether that is Elliot Roosevelt or perhaps Theodore is standing with his then childhood playmate and future 2nd wife, Edith Carrow. He makes reference to watching the Lincoln funeral with Edith as children in his autobiography. Which makes this that much more of a remarkable photo in my opinion.

    T.R. was the distant (5th) cousin of FDR. Eleanor Roosevelt was indeed Teddy’s niece. The daughter of his brother Elliot Roosevelt. Franklin’s father James Roosevelt was introduced to his mother Sara Delano at a party given by Theodore Roosevelt.

    There are more interesting presidential facts about all the U.S. Presidents, including the 26th and 32nd at as well as some good presidential biography recommendations.


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