The results are in, the votes are tallied.  We took out any vote that came from the same IP address on the same day.  That wiped out some votes.  But it also made everything fair.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  And I want to make sure everyone stays tuned cause we still have another $100 to give away in the random draw.  There are a butt-ton of ways to get entries and we will keep you informed.  The drawing for that prize will be in December (before present giving time).  Watch the sidebar for details.  Results After the Jump!

From Worst to First!
Dem Bones: 1
Devil Bride: 1
James Melzer: 3
Squeenager: 4
Flower Fairy: 5
Jenny Beans: 14
Karen: 16
Necrotizing Spider Bite Victim: 17
Capt Stinky Pants and First Mate Peanut Butter: 53
Swedish Chef: 61

Congratulations Swedish Chef!

Also – anyone who comments in THIS post gets 10 entries towards the random draw!