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When good walking goes bad, you have CRABWALKIN’.  If only the Ministry of Silly Walks were still around to regulate these things, the walking-related tragedy below could have been averted.

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  1. Dan Brill

    That walk clearly had structural flaws. The Ministry would never approve this and it is obvious that gentleman did not adhere to the proper application procedures. So I find it difficult to muster much sympathy for him. Good day.

    • Eva Halloween

      The days when anyone could silly walk in off the street and get a Ministry grant are thankfully well behind us.

  2. PelvicBoogie

    Amateur. His “skill” is obviously derived solely from an impending dump, delayed artificially by an anally placed roll of nickels.

    • Eva Halloween

      In fairness, where else would you carry your roll of nickels?

  3. alex

    Goodness! By bizarre coincidence, I’d intended to take my first shot at crabwalkin’ tomorrow morning. A horrible fate could have befallen me had I not watched this! I am eternally grateful to you for this public service, Eva Halloween.


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