fish april

This is incredibly naughty if you’re French and it’s the First of April.



We caught our editor as he was running out the door pulling a civil war kepi over his luchador mask. When we asked if he really wanted .daguerreotype to be the exclusive image format from now on he threatened us with a six foot long musket.

Update: he found out what they used for toilet paper in 1864 and we have images again. 

There are three basic types of historical recreationist: Farb, which is a pretty derogatory term meaning you’re not authentic enough (The wonderful Society for Creative Anachronism has been around just as long as the “authentic” recreationists). Mainstream Reenactors, who make the effort to be authentic when there’s an audience but are likely to retire to a hidden RV at night. Progressive Reenactors, who are as close as you can get to being a Stitch Nazi without having to get away from everyone else because corncobs in the outhouse aren’t authentic enough to cause bleeding.

 History the way it ought to be – Society for Creative Anachronism

Warning: Most of the links after this point are NSFW


What a Farb! The stitch count on that dress is just all wrong.


You’d think nothing would shock anyone hardcore enough to actually pee on their buttons to make sure the brass is tarnished enough. Blacksmiths that supply hardcore military reenactors are being surprised with orders from reenactors that aren’t military at all. There’s a reason they were called Naughty Victorians. The future King Edward VII visited his favorite Paris brothel Le Chabanais so often that they had a special chamber decorated with his coat of arms. This was where the infamous siège d’amour (sex chair) waited so the overweight Bertie wouldn’t crush his playmate of the moment.  Bertie’s chair was replicated because the original is an antique and can’t be “used.” That’s when you realize, Farb, Mainstream and Progressive Recreationist, has taken on a whole new meaning.

siege d'amour

Yes this is the replica. No I don’t know where you go to rent it.


You can’t blame everything on Fifty Shades of Grey. Reenacting old battles might be mostly for men but there’s vintage dances and other living history events that have plenty of roles for women. When boys and girls get together it’s inevitable some of them are going to “get together” after the dance or faire. Who’s going to blame them for combining their hobbies? So blacksmiths like Adam Blockley who usually makes gear for the English Civil War reenactors (Cavaliers and Roundheads) are getting orders for shackles and thumbscrews. If you’re not into bespoke ironmongery the upscale BDSM catalog JT Stockroom has “remarkable reproductions of 19th century Darby-Style handcuffs for realistic role play.”  You might even have a few naughty surpises if you search for Wrought Iron Accessories on e-bay too.

Living History

Reenactment of married sex


Unless you’re going ewwwwww right now you’re probably at least a bit of a Farb in the bedroom. When you add in cosplay and steampunk it’s a whole new erotic world. Only… Furrys go straight to hardcore status.


The search for Bertie’s sex chair from Tony Perrottet’s “The Sinner’s Grand Tour.” (It’s a video about a pervert king’s erotic furniture. What could possibly be NSFW?)