Bloggernoob is a site dedicated to helping people make money online.  And he is having a site review exchange this weekend.  So, since I am a filthy whore who would kiss a dead hobo for $5.00 I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and give his site a look.

You would think that I would have looked at it before, since The Gallery should really be a .org based on the balance sheets.  But nope.  I just keep looking for videos of people falling off of things and crap like that, and refreshing my AdSense page waiting for it to say: Your Earnings Today: BAZILLION!  But now, at least for the next few minutes, I am going to be mister (empty) money bags and use this dude’s site to make myself rich.  So I am gonna go through every post on his home page at this moment and see what’s helpful.  I am not going to mention the creepy baby he uses for his logo.  Well, not again, anyway.

  • Free blog review on this make money online blog – Well, obviously this worked.  Cause here I am like a shithead reviewing him.  I see that he uses proper SEO, which is good.  And the linking from body copy that is being dangled here is a strong draw.  So good for him.  I give this post a B.
  • Make Money Blogging and Censorship – I just noticed that his page titles say ‘Blog Archive’ in them – that’s bad.  Get that out of there, baby!  As for the post, he advocates not deleting pissy comments, and sort of says respond to them, but not too much.  Then he starts talking about a bunch of other stuff and I got bored.  So yay to fighting with people in the comments, boo to digression.  I give this post a C+.
  • And the Make Money Online winner is… – OK – so this is him saying who won his free ipod contest.  I am starting to regret doing the review this way, as I am not getting to the meat of the matter.  But amidst all the other stuff in the post, he said this thing below, so this post gets an A:

Contests help you gain more readers and while most will never return, a few will become regular readers. I think that’s how the internet works. You go out and market on the internet in hopes of attracting hundred or even thousands of visitors. Out of those visits, only a few will return. But you still do it for those few that return.

Ok – so I am not going to go through all this stuff now, as I tire easily.  So now I am just gonna say the things I like or don’t like.

  • I don’t like Internet Marketing sites in general, as they tend to be ways to get webmasters to sign up for the ‘expert’s’ affilliates, and that’s how they make their money.  I didn’t look hard enough to see if this guy does that, but I assume he must to a degree.  But since his audience is greedy whores, I guess they deserve what they get.
  • He uses hot chicks as pics for his posts.  I applaud that.
  • He talks about how he doesn’t bullshit.  I tend to read things like that with a grain of salt, as someone who tells me to trust them makes me wonder why they think I would not trust them on my own.  But I will give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • He likes domain names – and he is doing contests giving them away or whatever – that’s neat.

Overall – If you have a website and want to read some advice, then I don’t see anything wrong with this site.  But I do have a challenge for the baby.  This is sort of a challenge to ALL the Internet Marketers, but since the baby is cool, I will put it to him.

My site is not supposed to appeal to webmasters.  It is supposed to appeal to people who want to be entertained.  So how much money you make off your Internet marketing site means nothing to me.  If you want to prove your prowess, start a site about baking, or BMX bikes, or something that the PUBLIC might want to see, and market that.

If I hired you to make my blog make money, and said: I will sign up for whatever you tell me to, ad wise, and I will put up whatever ads you tell me to, and give you 30% of the income, would you take the deal?  I have asked other people in your space that before.  I have been told: sign up for X under me, then try out all the ads and see what works.

That’s bullshit.  If I am hiring an expert, I expect to be TOLD what will work.  So if you have sites that are not about making money that make money – I think you should talk about THOSE on your site.  You have a nice writing style and your posts are not drivel.  I just want to see someone take the extra step and talk specifically about how people with different subject matters can make some dough.

All that said – I give you a B-