Have you heard that the Gallery’s running a Costume Contest and Picture Perfect for Halloween?  Well, we are.  Acadia is doing a stellar job promoting it, what with not a single word or advertisement about it to be found anywhere on the home page unless it’s me mentioning it.  For some unknown reason he seems to think that everyone in the world is on Google+ so he just keeps talking about it over there.

Anyway, today we have the third batch of creepy pics from Halloweens of old.  If you missed the first two batches, you can see week 1’s right here, and week2’s right here.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  When you’re done getting caught up, hit the jump and check out batch #3!

Just a note on this one – this pic was taken before the Nazi Party came to be. The swastika is actually a very old symbol. In fact, the earliest swastika known is dated at around 10,000 BC.