We’ve come to the final edition of the creepy old Halloween pics I’ve been posting all month long.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed hunting them down.  This last batch is going to be triple the others in size and I hope that you’ll agree that I’ve saved the best for last.  But before we get on with it, let me do the whole links thing that I’ve also been doing in these posts all month long.

There’s a costume contest and Picture Perfect going on.  You’re running out of time to get in on it.  Just click that handy pic up top with the girl from The Exorcist to get all the details.  To see all the previous picture posts I did this month, click here for week 1, click here for week 2, and click here for week 3.  All caught up?  Good.  Alright, let’s make with this week’s batch.