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CRHS – Haunting of Hill House!

CRHS – Haunting of Hill House!

This week Hannah and Acadia take a break from the Dark Tower so they can talk about the beginnings of the Netflix sensation Haunting of Hill House.

We hope you love it, and we hope you came to check out the example haiku about killing Hannah, horror movie style.  Remember, a haiku is 5/7/5 syllables.  So here is one way it could be done.

Hannah at breakfast
Her corn flakes taste like almonds
They’re great! At killing.

NOW YOU DO IT!   Put them in the comments!  Hurry!

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.

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  1. Mells Bells

    As ALWAYS an amazing show with two of my favorite peeps! Y’all are killing the off season game!


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