Here is another excellent fan review of a con! This one is of the CT Horror Fest in Danbury, Connecticut, and was graciously sent in by misscaputo02 who has her own horror movie review blog at PB & Horror (check it out).  Now, let’s have at it and make sure you check out the pics at the bottom!

What con did you go to?

This review is for CT Horror Fest, held in the Danbury Ice Arena in Danbury, CT. The con was started in 2014 as a side project of Rob and Christine Caprilozzi’s website, Horror News Network.

CT Horror Fest was the con that started it all for me back in 2016 when I had the pleasure of meeting George A. Romero. It was my first horror convention experience and it did not disappoint, which is why continue to go back. This year is the 40th anniversary of my favorite film ever made, Halloween, and CT Horror Fest decided to celebrate by inviting some top names from the film. PJ Soles (Lynda), Nancy Kyes Loomis (Annie), and lastly, the man himself, Nick Castle, who not only plays Michael in the original, but came back to play him in the new 2018 Halloween. Needless to say, I was pretty eager for September 15th to roll around.


I truly enjoyed chatting with Nick Castle and showing him my freshly tatted arm that is now adorned with Michael Myers and the original Halloween jack-o-lantern from the opening credits of the film. When visiting Nancy’s table, I was able to purchase an awesome beanie that says “Hey, Jerk! Speed Kills!” which I wore on the ride home in the 80-degree weather out of pure excitement.


The best part was being able to have Nick, Nancy and PJ sign my Halloween poster inching me that much closer to having it filled up with the entire main cast and crew. It was also fitting that I was able to meet Courtney Gains and John Franklin from Children of the Corn seeing as I have been binge watching the complete series for the last couple of weeks. I was also able to meet Alex Vincent, who played Andy in the Child’s Play films and even got to touch the Chucky doll from the previous film!


This particular horror con is definitely a smaller venue and event compared to some of the other conventions I have attended. Yes, it doesn’t usually have as many guests and huge names, but I sometimes prefer the smaller quaint feel and atmosphere. It’s never over crowded, every guest allows photos to be taken at the table (usually for free), and you always have the opportunity to really converse with and get to know your favorite stars without feeling rushed. If I had to choose a few things to improve on, one of them would definitely be the venue. Back in 2016, CT Horror Fest was held at the Matrix Conference Center in Danbury. This year and last was at the Danbury Arena, which is a lot smaller (and a lot colder) and doesn’t provide much room for vendors. I would definitely love to see a few more vendors along with maybe just a few more celebs in the future.

My next con adventure this year will probably be Rhode Island Comic-Con coming up in November. I have never been to this show yet, so I’m definitely intrigued. It will be a complete 180 from CT Horror considering this is a huge venue with almost 100 guests! Stay tuned for my experience in RI.