Dad has Help Guessing Cards

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Acadia Einstein


I was over at my neighbor’s house last night playing games and the other neighbor’s baby was there and she LOOOVES me.  So I held her for a while and she laughed and laughed and I then she crapped herself and I gave her back.  That’s why I love other people’s kids.  As soon as they do something like poop or cry or get boring, you can just give ’em back.  Smart.

Now, the kids in this video seem to be the cutest kids I have ever seen.  The boy is genuinely baffled and semi-enraged that his father is psychic and the little girl is so cute she seems fake.  Disney couldn’t find an actress to be that adorable.  And if they did she would end up strung out by the time she is 15.  Now, we don’t have to dwell on the fact that the cute little girl is a big cheater.   Just revel in the fact that, as someone told me a long time ago, “they aren’t all sad stories”.

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