A million years ago I lived in a house that had a VCR and three video tapes.  Deal of the Century, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Dawn of the Dead. I never watched Deal of the Century. But boy did I watch the other two.  And while Devil in Miss Jones sounds scary, it’s George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead that starts off the top ten on our list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.

I guess it was pretty scary.  It had a zombie that got his head cut off by a helicopter.  Then there were a lot of fun antics in the mall.  Pretty much it was a laugh riot the whole time.  Why?  Cause these were the good kind of zombies.  The slow, dumb ones.  If you tied a stick to one’s head and then put a brain on a string at the end of the stick you could probably get him to pull your chariot.  Course if there were a bunch of them all trying to get you at the same time it would be pretty scary.  Unless you had like, a tree near you.  Climbing the tree would thwart them.  Then it’s just playing the waiting game.

Cause after a while, wouldn’t zombies just fall apart?  How long can a regular person live with no water?  Would it not be a race to see if you could live off eating tree bark and outlast the zombies trying to get your brains?  They have to peter out eventually.  I assume.  Or maybe they don’t.  If they don’t then I guess they are scary after all and I should shut my big fat mouth.  Trailer after the jump!