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Days of the Dead: Charlotte – A Review

Days of the Dead: Charlotte – A Review

My original plan was to have a Funny True Crime and Supernatural Podcast booth at the Days of the Dead convention in Charlotte but scheduling problems made it impossible.  But since I was still flying into Charlotte on Sunday morning I decided to check out what I could with my friend.

Lots of times some stars don’t stay all three days so I knew I would not see everyone (Cassandra Peterson, I’m sorry!) but Sunday is also generally the slowest day so I figured that if I got there by three I would have enough time to see everything there was to see, and I was right!

The Venue

I have been to things at the Sheraton before and it is nice.  Parking is easy and the layout of the venue makes sense for a show.  But I found such a good spot and got in so quickly that it sort of shined a light on the biggest thing I noticed about the show.  More on that later.

Since we went so late, food wasn’t much of a factor.  But paying full Sunday Price ($30.00) for two hours of show was!  Honestly I don’t know how they would charge less for people who come later but jeez I wanted them to.

The Guests

I was there…for Linda Blair.  I’ve never seen her at any show before and was excited about her being there.  Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the list was good:

  • Vinnie Vincent
  • Dee Snider
  • Sid Haig
  • Bill Mosely
  • Tony Todd
  • Linnea Quigley!

Now I have never seen Vinnie or Dee at a show before but to be fair I have never really looked for them.  But the rest of the lineup was solid.  Now, did I get a pic with Linda Blair?  No.  I did not.  Why?

Well it’s not because I am cheap and it was not because I was afraid to ask her to stick out her tongue.  I have no shame anymore.  I didn’t because even at 3:00pm on the last day of the show she NEVER had less than 20 people in her damn line.  And she was being so nice that she chatted it up with everyone as she signed for them.  wth!

So am I afraid to ask for celebs to take pics with the tongue sticking out when there are a bunch of other people around?  You got that right!  So i didn’t get a pic.  But I was glad to know that Ms. Blair (and Ms. Langenkamp, for that matter) were pulling lines that late in the weekend.


There was some pretty cool stuff that I hadn’t seen at every other show.  I got to meet film director Brooklyn Ewing and saw a sweet game that I couldn’t afford.  Also found pretty much the perfect dress that I need to buy for some gal to wear when we go to cons.  You will see it in the pics below.


I missed everything but I know for a fact that the women from the Women in Horror Film Festival did a panel on Saturday so if they were involved that elevates things a little bit.  Sorry to be so basic but that’s all I know!


Only saw one group dressed – the pic is below.  But again, I went way late.


I give the show a 3.5 out of 5.  I am not knocking them for not being crowded at the very and of the show, but as I alluded to at the beginning of the review, they were REALLY not busy.  I think 80% of the people at the show were in line for Linda Blair and Heather Langenkamp!  I wish I could find someone who was there Saturday to find out how crowded it was.  In the meantime, check out the pics!



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  1. Andrew

    I really wish I lived closer to these cons or could make the trip out to one. The closest thing to me is Crypticon Seattle and that’s still 4-5 hours away. This sounds like a lot of fun and I’d love to be able to catch it someday!

    • Acadia Einstein

      There are NONE near you? Seriously? Gah. Move!


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