Cosplay 15 of 31 Days of Halloween!! If you haven’t played Dead By Daylight I HIGHLY recommend you try it. Whether you are a competitive gamer or someone who just wants to have fun with friends, Dead By Daylight offers some classic horror elements in an asymmetrical game. My main character as a survivor is Nea Karlsson and here is my take on her Prestige 3 look from the game!!

Part One: Items

All survivors in Dead By Daylight have extensive wardrobes. This look in particular is her base outfit covered in blood, it’s obtained by Prestiging the character 3 times. For it you need baggy cargo pants, a grey tank top, and grey beanie. You will also need fake blood, I think in total this cost me $20.
You’ll want to use either red paint, fake blood, or even red body paint to cover your clothes and hat to look like a bloody mess.

Part Two: Murder Makeup

For this look I did a very basic foundation, concealer, contour on the face. Same with the eyes. Light shading of the brows, small amount of brown liner, and some mascara. The big makeup plays came in with the blood.
I started with Graftobian body paints in brown and red to make myself look both dirty and cut up. Once that layer of “grime” was down I went back using stage blood to add more dimension to certain areas. Don’t worry about being too detailed in this part you want to look like you’ve been escaping a killer!

Overall I highly recommend not only the game but cosplaying as any of the survivors. You have so much freedom in their wardrobes and the looks can be a ton of fun!

Merry binging shopping season!! …. X0x0 Beta

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