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Death Bed Subtext – Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth

I only have like, two minutes to do this so screw you people and your wanting clever banner pics and captions.  My buddy sent me this (not the gay kind of buddy) and it’s the funniest thing I have seen on Funny or Die since I died from watching something on there that wasn’t funny.

There is a shit fuck ass ton of swearing in this.  It’s not safe for people at work or not wearing headphones or deaf.  Actually, you deaf people will not think it’s funny, and the people around you will be offended – so you are sort of double screwed.  Good thing you have super strength to make up for it.  Anyway – Here it is!

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  1. Evangeline

    Will Ferrell and the potty mouthed kid is my fave. The Landlord, I think it was?

  2. Pierre Gtfo

    how does this have one pity reply, but posts about fucking corny ass ghostmythhunters get 20+?


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