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Death Demands Celebrities and Gets Two

L. Farrah in the 1970's.  R. Michael Jackson in a day or so.

L. Farrah in the 1970's. R. Michael Jackson in a day or so.

Well, seems like the whole celebrity deaths come in threes came true this week (sorry Ed McMahon, no obit for you!) as both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died today.  Fawcett of cancer at 62 and Jackson of a heart attack at 50.  Both stars were famous in part for giving adolescent boys boners (albeit in very different ways).  Farrah was just one of the hottest women on the damn planet and in later years won some Emmys.  Jackson was a global phenomenon who became a total weirdo.

Rather than go into long eulogies or anything like that, I would like to take this moment to point out an important health tip.  Fawcett and Jackson were both really skinny and in good shape and died relatively young.  The last two celebs who shuffled off this mortal coil, Ed McMahon and Dom Deluise, were booze swilling fatsos who did whatever they wanted.  So the next time you have a choice between the elliptical or a delicious sandwich, think about MJ exercising his ass off getting ready for a tour and then think of Dom asking for another cannoli.

Also – after the jump – watch the Cannonball Run Blooper Reel and see the sad, updated standings.

* Burt Reynolds = alive
* Dean Martin = dead
* Sammy Davis Jr. = dead
* Farrah Fawcett = dead
* Jamie Farr = alive?
* Bert Convy = dead
* Terry Bradshaw = alive
* Mel Tillis =?
* Jack Elam = dead
* Adreinne Barbeau = alive!

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  1. rbgeckorock

    Jamie Farr died long ago; only he continues to roam about as though Toledo needs a spokesperson.

  2. biz.

    lol. I had that Farrah poster.

  3. bustedstr8

    Fawcett, Jackson, McMahon & Deluise (whom you left out of the list) all in a row like that? Really makes you wonder what government secrets they stumbled across. Too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

  4. Dwacon

    We were still getting over Dom and Ed when these back-to-back tragedies happened.

  5. Joelle

    Everyone is dying :/

  6. Irene

    Interesting thought there at the end…seems it doesn’t matter which path you choose really. Sad day though.

  7. Acadia

    The only thing all those people had in common was Johnny Carson. Who is still alive!

  8. songpat

    Our world as we once knew it is quickly disappearing! Where will we go once our world is gone?

  9. nipsy

    I’m going to hang out with Johnny Carson now, I want to live to be 100 too!!

  10. Joelle

    Johnny Carson is still alive??

  11. Jude

    Most people insist Elvis is still alive, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone claim Carson is still living. I didn’t even hear about DD I thought he had died years ago, pity.

  12. Hotspur

    LOL I still have that poster rolled up on a shelf somewhere. I bet I can sell it on eBay. What do you think I could get?

  13. Acadia

    Originally Posted By HotspurLOL I still have that poster rolled up on a shelf somewhere. I bet I can sell it on eBay. What do you think I could get?

    Don’t sell it! Or if you do sell it, take a pic of it first!

  14. David L

    Too bad the child rapist overshadowed Farrah’s passing. What were the people outside of the hospital waiting for? Autographs from the great beyond? MJ died the way of Elvis. Their entourages always have the best lethal drugs.

  15. David L

    I wonder what the Farrah Playboy would bring on Ebay? I found that copy a week ago and it’s like new still.


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