Since I am a total hypocrite and do not apply my judgments evenly, I want everyone to leave Jennifer Love Hewitt alone even though she is pretty easy to make fun of.  Sure she glues sparkles to her hoo ha.  Sure she now has a show on Lifetime about being a hooker (and honestly they should make a movie about the Zumba Madam but whatever, focus!).  Sure she was super hot and the sky was the limit for her in the 90s but the 2000s seemed to turn into an agonizing tumble down a really long hill.

Actually, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Hollywood arc seems to follow this scene from Hot Rod exactly.  Skip to 1:10 if you only want to see the 2000’s part.

Anyway I want you all to leave  JLH alone.  I still like her and most people would kill to have their own TV show and she has had quite a career.  She was in that show in the 90s I never watched and that ghost show I also never watched but I DID watch “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and holy moley was that movie the kiss of death of a lot of careers!  Seriously.  Go check out the cast.  Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing better than everyone who was in that movie except the kid from Big Bang Theory.  Damn.  Maybe I don’t need to defend her.  Compared to Freddie Prinze, Jr. she is a STAR!