The directors of Sinister  and The Exorcism of Emily Rose are bringing us another creep-tacular film. Set to hit theaters today,  Deliver Us From Evil  stars Eric Bana as New York police officer Ralph Sarchie. The trailer for the film boasts that it is an account of actual events and comes from Officer Sarchie’s “undisclosed files”.. All I can say is that after watching the trailer for the film, if that shit was going down in my city…I would move. Sarchie is one of those cops that believes everything can be explained simply by observing human nature. What he begins to see if definitely not human. What appears to be some type of demonic possession is popping up in areas around the city and ultimately in Sarchie’s own home. Complete with creepy stuffed animals and lots of torn off fingernails (this gives me the heeby geebies) this movie does not look like it will suck. Oscar worthy? probably not but definitely worth a Friday date night investment.