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Demi Lovato Gets a Tattoo from the Nazi Sandra Bullock

Demi Lovato decided she wanted to make her arm look like she had accidentally leaned on some red hot wind chimes.  And there must not be many tattoo people in L.A. because  she was forced to go to the Hitler tattoo girl Kat Von D who stole trashy punk Jesse James from Sandra Bullock.

So I guess the lesson here is that Sandra Bullock is clearly winning.

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  1. TGNP

    Sandra Bullock just wins anyway.

  2. elssar

    Are you sure you got the title right?

  3. N Jill Marsh

    Kat Von D is the living embodiment of Sturgeon’s Law.

    Why doesn’t the site remember me anymore?

  4. nihilismandcupcakes

    I think you’ve confused Kat Von D with Bombshell McGee – she was the one Jesse cheated with and the one with “WP” on the backs of her legs, Kat came along later.

  5. sj

    I get that those are birds, but some look like bats and some look like…I don’t know. Big black splotches? I’d be pissed if any of my tattoos ended up looking like that.

  6. Eva Halloween

    December 21st just can’t come soon enough. :-/


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