I could make a highly suggestive comment, but I'll leave it to all of you.

My personal slice of Heaven on Earth has done it again. Or at least he did last week.

Last Thursday marked the beginning of season four of Destination Truth. The day before the season premiere aired, I stated that I was skeptical this season could stand up against last season. Well, if the first episode is any indicator of what to expect during season four, us Destination Truth fans are in for a treat.

Last week’s episode kicked off with an investigation of the Pompeii city ruins. For those who aren’t familiar with Pompeii, it is an ancient city that was buried under ash during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. It’s believed that over 2,000 residents of Pompeii died following the eruption. With such a large number of deaths, it’s no wonder that the city is believed to be haunted.

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I must admit, though, there was one part during the Pompeii investigation that tugged at my heart strings and made me choke up. Josh and his merry band of cohorts stopped by the Garden of the Fugitives, where some of Pompeii’s residents were entombed in ash when they attempted to escape the city. Plaster was later poured into the hollow spaces found within the ash that marked where the residents died. There was one set of casts that appeared to be a mother and child. For a mom, it’s hard to see a sight like that and not feel sadness at the loss of life.

On a lighter note, I predicted last week that Josh would have a new lady on his team, and I was right. She’s a brunette named Ali. Ali isn’t the only new person on Josh’s team, though. There’s also three new men and BearTalkie, a pivotal new member of the group. (He’s a combination walkie talkie teddy bear.)

As for this week, Team Truth will be investigating Angkor Wat and the legend of  a Canadian lake monster.

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