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Destination Truth: A Week Behind #3

Want to play with my big, black gun?

Like a fine wine, Destination Truth gets better with age.

As I sit here writing this, I’m in the middle of watching the very first episodes of Destination Truth. When DT first came out, I had no complaints about the episodes, but watching them back now, I realize how different they are compared to the past couple of seasons. Josh’s voice sounds different now, more at ease, and the investigations are more in depth and intriguing.

Although, when it comes to one of the funniest Destination Truth moments, nothing compares to the finale episode of season one when Team Truth visited Argentina to investigate the lobizon, the Argentinian version of a werewolf. While there, Josh had the privilege of communicating with a man who claimed he could transform into one of the hairy beasts. And to prove his claim, the man “transformed” in front of Josh’s very eyes. (I use the word transformed loosely since the only transformation that took place was the man going from looney to batshit crazy in a matter of seconds.)

I can honestly say, though, in comparison to now, the early episodes were poorly done, which is odd since I distinctly remember thinking it was fantastic when it first aired. How young and naive I was.

So what do you think? Has Destination Truth improved throughout the years? Or have I become easier to please?

Now onto last week’s episode.

Again, like two weeks ago, I preferred the first half of the show over the second. And one astute Superficial Gallery reader said it best. “I thought the first half of the new episode was really good, but the second half… I wanted to see everyone but Josh get eaten by lions.”

Yes, Ms. Hudock, I’m referring to you. I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more. Everyone but Josh annoyed the piss out of me during the second half of last week’s episode. In fact, I seriously think Josh should consider bringing back all the old crew while keeping the few remaining veterans that are still with the show because the chemistry between all of them was great. Heck, if that can’t be done, at least bring back Ryder. She was a riot. (Just don’t bring back anyone from the first season. I’d rather have root canal than watch any of them again.)

Oh, I went off on a tangent again. Shocker.

The first half of last week’s episode was spent investigating an abandoned mining town in Haboro, Japan, that is reportedly home to ghostly beings and hungry bears. Like previous episodes of abandoned towns, this one gave me the creeps. It wasn’t quite as bad as the Pripyat/Chernobyl or Angkor Wat episodes, but it was pretty damn close. And like the two aforementioned epis, the DT team came away from the investigation with intriguing evidence that seemed to confirm the presence of ghosts.

As for the second half of the show, who cares. All I remember is it involved the crew searching for some cat beast in Africa…I think. Obviously, it wasn’t one of my favorite investigations, or Jenny’s either, for that matter.

Check back next week for my next installment of ‘Destination Truth: A Week Behind’.

nicoleNicole Ireland lives in East Armpit, Maine and drives a skidder when she isn’t writing.  She once shot a man just for snoring but she sucked at shooting guns and only got him in the leg and then felt awful and smothered him cause his screaming was worse than the snoring had been.  When the cops came she said he had shot first and they believed her cause she’s a witch.  She’s clever and she’s quiet.  She’s so quiet you might just not notice her there.  You might just fall asleep.  But god help you if you snore.  Look what happened to the last guy.

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  1. captain america

    he was a fan of Johnny Rambo, folks?

  2. sangfroid

    I want to see the everyone but Josh eaten by lions show. Maybe there can be one tiger too or a Polar Bear. They could look for Polar Bears on the lost island and eat the writers of that show.

  3. Nicole Ireland

    Better yet, once everyone else is eaten, pulverized, what have you, they can send Josh in to investigate which creature, previously investigated, did the deed. The possibilities are limitless. It can be a supernatural game of clue. An elf did it in the woods of Iceland with a pick axe.

    • sangfroid

      Can it turn out to be a pack of carnivorous gerbils?

  4. Octo-Dolls

    “Want to play with my big, black gun?”

    Oh…don’t tempt me, baby. Rawr.


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